About Us

The Ottawa Valley Regional Drug Information Service (OVRDIS) was founded over 25 years ago and shares resources, space and manpower with The Ottawa Hospital's Drug Information Service. The OVRDIS staff are knowledgeable and experienced pharmacists who specialize in drug information and are employed by The Ottawa Hospital, a leading academic health sciences centre in Canada.


Services offered

Drug information service

A bilingual service, with timely answers to questions on a wide range of questions including therapeutics, adverse effects, interactions, drug identification, drug availability, compounding, stability, compatibility, drug administration, and pharmacokinetics of medications. Clients are health care professionals in Quebec, Ontario and the rest of Canada.


Over 20 reviews per year on topics such as new medications and therapeutic dilemmas. Also available for purchase is the Parenteral Drug Therapy Manual, which is updated annually and comprises the monographs of approximately 380 medications. All of our publications are available in English and French.


Citation Database that contains over 40,300 citations from approximately 50 medical and pharmacy-related journals and newsletters, and a Product Availability Database that contains availability information on various agents. Also available is a list of Useful Links to help answer drug information questions.

Evidence-based drug reviews & specialty projects

On-demand consulting projects such as evidence-based reviews and drug evaluations.

Educational training  and annual conference

In addition to in-house training, a limited number of opportunities are available for PharmD candidates and pharmacists seeking drug information training with OVRDIS. We also host the annual Update Conference.


Clients served

Our current clients include health care professionals, primarily pharmacists employed by community pharmacies, hospitals, government and professional health care organizations. From within The Ottawa Hospital, we answer queries from physicians, pharmacists, nurses, pharmacy technicians and other health care professionals, including those in training within the institution. 

Our team

Our team consists of experienced and knowledgeable pharmacists who are specialized in drug information. Many work exclusively in the drug information field, enabling us to provide highly reliable, up-to-date drug-related information and prompt response. 

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