Drug Information Service

Our experienced drug information pharmacists have access to an extensive array of medical and pharmacotherapeutic resources, enabling us to efficiently answer questions on a wide range of drug information requests. We provide answers in English and in French to questions pertaining to, for example, therapeutics, adverse effects, interactions, drug identification and availability, compounding, stability and compatibility, drug administration and pharmacokinetics of medications.


Our current clients include healthcare providers, namely pharmacists employed by community pharmacies, hospitals, governmental and professional organizations. From within The Ottawa Hospital, we answer requests from physicians, pharmacists, nurses, pharmacy technicians and other healthcare professionals, including those in training, within the institution. 

Our goal is to help pharmacists fulfill their role as clinical practitioners, as drug information providers, as educators and as managers. What sets OVRDIS apart is its:

  • quality of service: clients are able to speak directly to a drug information pharmacist and, because the staff is dedicated to drug information, have continuity of service
  • bilingualism: clients are able to readily be served in English and in French
  • hospital association: OVRDIS is located within The Ottawa Hospital, a leading academic health sciences centre in Canada, which allows for timely access to clinical pharmacist specialists in a variety of medical disciplines

Our hours of operation are from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday (except statutory holidays).


Subscription to our drug information service includes:


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