iStock 000009081987XSmall.jpg crop380wEducational Training

Being located in a leading academic health sciences centre in Canada, education is a high priority for OVRDIS. We provide a dynamic learning environment to pharmacy residents during their mandatory four-week rotation in drug information at the beginning of their postgraduate training at The Ottawa Hospital. We also offer drug information rotations to PharmD students.

During their rotation, the students actively participate in the dissemination of drug information while being supervised by a pharmacist whose expertise is in drug information. During their training, the students:
  • refine their process for obtaining relevant background information to allow them to efficiently answer questions
  • develop a systematic approach for identifying relevant sources of information
  • critically appraise the literature
  • summarize the data in a concise and accurate manner
  • formulate and communicate a clear and comprehensive response to a request
  • prioritize tasks

The students are also involved in publication writing and may be involved in a number of other activities.

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